German Sports Brand- Ballzauber!

This morning I woke up to the delivery of my new training gear, which is a German sports brand called Ballzauber. I love this German sports brand because I think it looks very elite and athletic. The two hoodies I am wearing are so warm, so they are great for this time of year on a cold and wintery day. The pink hoodies fabric material is 95% polyester and 5% spandex and the sleeve cuffs are elastic, so it is extremely comfortable to wear.

The grey top is very comfortable. It is breathable (always a good thing for a sports top to have whilst sweating out), mid-length and the outer fabric is 100% polyester. It is a soccer brand so it is mainly for playing football/soccer, however it would also be perfect for the gym.

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I can understand why this is one of Germanys top sports brands- everything I have ordered fits beautifully and even better it’s great material- so you get your money’s worth.

Ballzauber was also shown at this year ISPO Awards in Munich. This brand has had a lot of success in Germany so there could be a chance that someday Ballzauber expands outside of its home nation to become a well-known brand.

Ballzauber is one of the top sport brands in Germany. The main thing that I like about this sports gear is that it is more like a high-end boutique sporting brand, so it has various different products. With women’s football, or as the Americans like to call it, “soccer”, on the rise in the world of sport, I think that Ballzauber could eventually become a global sports brand- especially appealing in the U.S.A. and even here in the UK.

It is such good quality sport clothing so it would not surprise me if Ballzauber become popular elsewhere other than just Germany. Aren’t we always looking for good quality sports wear? I certainly am, and speaking as a sports lover, the better the quality of sports clothing and footwear I am wearing can actually affect my performance in training and competition.

I lived in Berlin for five months back in 2010 and the main thing that I noticed was how much the Germans love their sport. It is not wonder that this nation with such high motivation and a passion for sport that they have/are producing such talented sports men and women.

Ballzauber is especially popular for the women’s football team in Germany. Aylin Yaren is a German-Turkish female soccer player, who currently plays for Hamburg in Germany’s top level Bundesliga. She transferred from FC Lübars to Hamburger SV at the beginning of 2012 and scored the opening goal in her debut. Aylin has done numerous shoots and advertisement for Ballzauber, representing the football market, or as the Germans advertise it as ‘fussball markt’.

I would highly recommend this ‘soccer’ sportswear to all sport fans such as myself. It’s not an overly priced sports brand either, which is always a bonus, especially for us students. Have a look at Prixi shopping alerts for some special offers on the Ballzauber brand.


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